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Home Theater, Media, Lighting

What's your idea of entertainment?

The cinematic home theater experience you’ve always imagined. A sound system that fills your home with the music you love. It’s your idea of entertainment. Ironclad home automation simply makes it happen. Effortlessly. 

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Ironclad control anywhere, anytime

Servicing Vaughan & the Greater Toronto Area

Take total control of your home from anywhere in the world, at any time. Ironclad is taking home automation to the next level through the integration of almost any consumer or commercial product, and giving users access to all in one solutions at the tip of their fingers.


Secure your home, schedule events, automate and integrate, and control all devices in your home from a single user interface from anywhere in the world. With the touch of a button or a single voice command, your bedroom lights gradually illuminate and beautiful custom motorized shades silently open. They let in just the right amount of natural light to gently ease you into the day.

Arm your home, and forgotten turned on lights will automatically turn off. Every Ironclad automated home is unique, and customizing to your lifestyle and habits is our primary focus.


Smart Automation


Home Theatre



Comfort & Lighting

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Image by Dimitri Houtteman

Outdoor Systems

Control. Automation. Harmony.

Take control of your home, from anywhere.

The Ironclad luxury home automation system, will deliver superior, next generation control, functionality and automation capabilities. Take over any device, and create triggers, tasks, schedules and scenes that automate and deliver multiple complimentary functions in your home, with the single tap of a button. Experience simplicity, and luxury.


Control. Automation. Harmony.

Automate your home, to adapt to your lifestyle.

Automation triggers and events allow for further more granular control of your home. Not only can you control your home through the home automation system, but you can automate and setup different scenes and settings that compliment your lifestyle. Having a small get together? Simply touch "party" mode and watch as the home automation system fills your home with music, lights and action. 

Control. Automation. Harmony.

Entertainment, security and comfort, in harmony.

Through the practical use and combination of both control and automation, the Ironclad home automation system will achieve a harmony in your home, that compliments your lifestyle, your passions and your personality. Entertainment, security, comfort and convenience, all in harmony. Your home is a reflection of who you are. Your home. Re-imagined.

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