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Whole Home Automation with Alexa Integration

Updated: May 28, 2020

We are all looking for ways to improve our home and make daily life simpler. Now it’s easier than ever with our hands-free feature from the ELAN® smart home automation system. Our smart home automation system integrates directly with Amazon Alexa voice command to easily control your lighting, climate, music and more. Keep reading to see how simple it is to use – and all the benefits for homeowners!

Setting Up Amazon Alexa Voice Control Once your ELAN smart home system is installed and ready to use, you can set up Alexa Voice Control to work with the ELAN intelligent touch panel by watching the video below or following these easy steps:

  1. Login to your Alexa App and go to “Skills & Games”

  2. Navigate to your search bar, type in “ELAN” and select it

  3. Click “Enable to Use” which will allow you to set up routines.

Controlling Your Space with Routines Who doesn’t love a good routine? Setting up routines through the Amazon Alexa App allows users to create custom and personalized scenes. With a simple phrase such as, “Alexa, chill” your smartphone app will connect to your ELAN touch panel and take the actions associated with the phrase. Set the scene to play your favorite genre of music, turn the thermostat to your preferred temperature, and dim the lights for ultimate relaxation.

Smart Features Integrating with Amazon Alexa allows hands-off voice command, making it easy to control your home’s sound system, climate control, lighting, and security system from talking range of your device. Please note that with Alexa voice control, it is only possible to lock your doors and not unlock them. Our intelligent touch panel contains Amazon certified microphones which allows your touch panel to serve as voice command for Alexa. Use voice command through the touch panel to stream music via your Amazon Music account and view the cover art on the smart user interface.

What Are Event Maps? Event maps require an Elan Certified Dealer to set up. There are certain limitations Amazon Alexa has when it comes to the control of your smart home whether it’s certain audio systems or cameras. ELAN eliminates that with Event Maps by mixing these unsupported devices that are supported by ELAN with Alexa.

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